Homeopathic First Aid Coaching For Horse Owners

Homeopathic First Aid Coaching For Horse Owners

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic system of healing that works by eliminating the underlying imbalance in a pet's body that is causing unwanted symptoms.


Holistic meaning it takes into account the entire patient and not just the sick or injured part.


The best part is that there are no side effects and no nasty chemicals.


Common Problems Homeopathy Can Help With

- Injury

- Sweet Itch
- Colic
- Abuse
- Fear
- Laminitis
- Depression
- Arthritis
- Anxiety / Nervousness / Stress
- Grass Sickness
- Skin Problems
- Respiratory Conditions
- Worms & Parasites
- Constipation / Diarrhoea


We Will Discuss....


+ What things you need to look out for in order to find the right remedies for various common issues.
+ How to select a potency.
+ How to administer remedies.
+ We will cover several remedies for particular issues.
At the end of the coaching webinar you will be equipped and ready to give your horse or pony homeopathic remedies to help them recover from simple ailments.


We look forward to welcoming you and helping you learn how to take care of your dog homeopathically.