Meditation - Starting up Simple.

Meditation - Starting up Simple.

When doing a meditation, most people imagine that you have to sit in silence and contemplate for it to work, but actually history shows that this is only one kind of meditation and in fact there are a great many ways to get the same effect. Looking at the cultural methods that are available we see that there are many different ways to achieve meditation and in fact it is possible to be quite creative, as long as you stick to the basic rules to achieve the goal. Those of keeping it simple and repetitive so that your body learns to get into that basic state. One method that is rather popular in several cultures across the world is to use drumming. In the Americas, both north and south this is used, in the Polynesian Islands it is used, in Africa it is used, and in fact in Europe it has been used for centuries. Even a brief look at the Ancient Mythos of some of the European cultures, amongst the Volva, amongst the Romani and several other places including the Anglo Saxons, shows that the use of a steady drumming rhythm promotes the meditative state in both active and in passive meditation. Dancing was often included to enhance the process, and anyone that is into the club scene will attest that when you dance with a good beat you can really ‘get into the zone’. This is essentially a kind of meditation, though of course it is far more effective when it is done with intent and with a goal in mind. For those of us that are not experts this is perhaps an ideal way to aid our own learning towards getting into a meditative state. The old English witches of the past, and even some of the Pagans of today, used the method of drumming and chant combined with dance to raise the mental state to that of meditation and used it either as a prayer or as a method of raising the bodies state to achieve a higher ‘vibration’ so as to achieve their goals. To do this it is considered best to have a tune that is short and repetitive that matches in its core the same speed and rhythm of the heartbeat, synching the body to the moment and allowing the mind and spirit to more easily match the rhythm. The aim of meditation at its base is to have focus, and to achieve focus properly is to have the whole of the person focussed in the same way, body mind and spirit, and it is this beat that drumming can produce that can help us to get all three aspects of the person into that same alignment. The drumming does not need to be loud, so if you have neighbours the use of earphones and a small player goes a long way, though if you intend movement then I would advise using earphones that can be well secured and will not fall out all the time. There is certainly enough variety of ritual drumming from a variety of cultures readily available for download on the internet to choose from, and thus it can be easy to find something that suits your culture or personal preference. I would suggest that starting off one should listen without even trying to meditate, just let it play in the background while doing your daily routine and let the sound begin to permeate your consciousness. After a few days of listening then you can start trying to use it with a proper meditation attempt, and you should find that it becomes far easier to gain at least a state of relaxation. It should be noted, as an aside, that as you begin to gain success in meditation it may have some side effects, as you are essentially going deeper into your own self, and as such it is not uncommon to have a few odd dreams that are the result of your mind waking up, but this is not something to be afraid of, but rather examined and embraced. To this end as you start to practice your meditation, it’s a good idea to also start to keep a journal so that you have a record of what you may not have been aware is going on inside you.

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