Finding Home

Finding Home

Growing up I often found that all the really good stuff to do with meditation, magic, grounding and more all seemed to come from somewhere far away. This bothered me quite a lot. Want to meditate? Off to the Zen Masters of Japan, to the Tibetan Buddhists, to the Indian Yogis. Want to learn a real combat system - Karate or Kung Fu. Any form of actual occult of any kind? Amerindian Shamanic stuff, and so on. Now I certainly have no problem with any of these systems, and indeed I have studied a few myself, but I am not Japanese, Tibetan or Cherokee or whatever, and I

wondered why there was nothing available right here? In fact, there is!

The Systens that abounded in England are derivative of the Gothonic settlers that we are mostly descended from, and they are based in the runic systems that grew out of the Elder Futhark and became the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. The systems were designed to manage all of social living, and through them had a class system for all the bits in society, a system of herbs and trees for healing, an understanding of magic and even auras (Shield Skins) and ways to astral travel and meet your familiar (Uitsetta and finding the folgie). It is fascinating to note that the meditation starts many of these systems and begins with a sonic form of meditation that uses chant that not only reminds the user of each rune and its uses but forces the chanter through a series of tonal exercises that later are part of a kind of (for want of a better word) yoga that loosens the body and makes it ready for the combat stances. This can still be seen in the Hjafskold family Stav traditions that come from the Nordic side of the Gothonic traditions, but it would not be hard to substitute and develop a modern version. The same teachings also went into the magical realm and taught both the meanings of the runic powers as well as how to weave protections from the elves that brought sickness and misfortune. It is interesting to note that some of the best and most suitable forms of magic and more are to be found right where we live and can be a very fulfilling way to find your roots even as you expand your knowledge.

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