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HK Canada 17.8.21

Hello! This may be a bit of a long post but completely worth it.  I have been having anxiety without knowing what anxiety was since I was very young. I have had a lot of emotional and mental trauma from my father since the age of 5. I am now 36. In my 20’s I married a man very similar to my father and suffered with emotional mental and physical abuse for nearly 8 years- and have gone on in my life carrying this stress and anxiety.  

I have been through many stressful events and along with them came a few medical conditions caused by the stress I was carrying.  My anxiety only worsened over the years to the point I could not be left alone. A heaviness in my chest, immense sadness, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, depression. The chest heaviness is something that would never leave and no matter how many therapists I have seen over the years nothing was helping me shake it off.  

I came across a post from Georgina regarding anxiety and thought-  well I may as well try as I have nothing left to try.  I only have had 2 appointments with her and my anxiety I had been carrying my entire life has completely gone. Words cannot express my gratitude to her for being so accurate in prescribing a remedy.  

My chest heaviness , my heart palpitations my anxiety with everything in life I had been experiencing is completely gone. I am now able to have conversations with people, I am now able to be alone in my home, I feel normal, I feel happy, i can BE ALONE and not feel scared. No one will truly ever know  as I type this in tears what it means for me to be alone and feel content and not have the intense feeling in my chest I once had.  Georgina is so kind and makes you feel so comfortable.   Thank you again for changing my life and giving me my life to feel and be normal again.   

Amanda Swartz

Wed, Feb 17, 12:14 PM (8 days ago)

to me

I would like to express my extreme gratitude for Georgie!  Although my son has not been diagosed with ADHD yet however has all the signs amongst other issues such as fluency dyslexia, dysgraphia, speech issues (expressive and receptive language delay)

I originally reached out to Georgina to possibly find some help with our son as I was extremely concerned with some behaviors and health concerns  (extreme anger, milestone delay, anxiety and food allergies).  I could tell when Georgie reached out to answer my request that she was the right fit for Miles.  Such a warm soul who was keenly interested in helping Miles reach his full potential as well as a soothing balm that could help Momma relieve her worries regarding her son!  

Upon the intake meeting there was a connection.  She mentioned that we should probably cut dairy as a part of Miles diet modifications.  I had no idea that dairy was part of the problem.....once dairy was out of his system we saw a noticeable change. 

The speech therapist that works with Miles was on a 2 week break and she could note changes in not seeing him  while the remedies were working their magic!

I continue to tell Georgie that Homeopathy is like peeling back the layers of an onion....Miles continues to make strides with anger...(much reduced frequency....bomb has been defused) and definitely matured the past 6 months while working with Georgie.  Miles has always been been an old soul in a young body and now his body is catching up with soul!  

Cant thank you enough for helping our family we are extremely grateful!

Miles, Amanda, Ralph and Hannah

Amanda Swartz

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I have suffered from chronic eczema for over 30 years yes it has it’s better times but more recently I have encountered more and more flare ups mostly on my hands , i have tried most of the creams available from the doctors but with no avail until I met Georgina. 

I had begun to get run down, snappy and seemed to be getting one illness after another . I thought I have nothing to lose by trying it and thank goodness I did. Georgina gave me a very in depth consultation regarding my problems and treated me accordingly with a very simple dosage of 3 pilluets one to be taken night morning and night . She told me what to expect that my eczema could flare and it did but not to worry that’s the remedy doing its job. She also provided me with what I describe as Georgina's magic cream its soothes my eczema like nothing else reduces the itch and swelling and within a few days my skin is well on the way to healing properly with out the use of steroid cream. As for the homeopathic remedy wow i feel great I’m back to being relaxed able to sleep and feeling great . I cant recommend this lady enough she has been not only a fantastic person but an amazing consultant who is there every step of the way . GAYNOR FARR STOKE ON TRENT

Gaynor Farr S-O-T 12th March 2020

I have a family of 5, we use Staff & Sage's Arnica Cream on all of us. I have been using this cream successfully for about 15 years now, we apply it literally to any injury on all of us .... at the moment my husband has a massive skin problem..really really scratchy... and this is sorting it out !! 10/03/20

Heidi Richards

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